Wii Fit — full trailer from E307

Wii Fit: replace tons of exercise equipment with one tiny board.

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25 Responses to Wii Fit — full trailer from E307

  1. ricardo3326

    for idiots

  2. iCarePenguin

    If you mean “depth” is in Plotwise, you are a moron. Gamewise, yes. Zelda has the worst plot of any Game tied with all other Zelda Games. Play a Tales of Series Game of Final Fantasy, THAT is plotdeph. And yes, XBOX360 sucks.

  3. Kilson1582

    Gosh !!! hey is that you ?

    I know her

    Get her number @ DateHerSafe{`}et5664

  4. jayz4evr

    lol wtf is this shit

  5. annoyingmish

    don’t get me wrong, i love halo…. but its story pales in comparison to a story like zelda… also halos story is not that obvious….all i got from the first one is that there are these alien made rings of some sort… 7 of them i think…. and the master chief has to destroy them… right? im not sure =S. still i dont hate halo…. if i hated it i wouldnt have bought all 3 of them… but still i believe that ALL nintendo story games have the most depth.

  6. DaRkMaGiK96

    Hey, halo 3 is not pointless shooting. If your opinion is the wii is better thats fine. But halo has a good story, why do you think that they made 3 halo games? Because its a sequel to pointless shooting? No. Because it has a story. Maybe if you played it more, you would understand the story!

  7. Celeb132

    lol look at this and compare it to the wayy more awesome wii fit plus!!

  8. annoyingmish

    You know, and this is coming from someone that has all three consoles, i prefer the Wii SOOOOO much more then them.. and i have the best games on 360…. the wii is better lol…its got more depth in its games.. like zelda OMFG that game has the most depth you’ll ever find…. unlike halo 3…. just pointless shooting… and also the people arn’t randomly horney either, they didnt make peach so randomly busty…. unlike dead or alive….. so yeah, wii forever man!!!

  9. chuwables16

    Ever heard of monster hunter TRI? its in the wii… and the only reason why i bought one.

  10. mojje111

    wow.. world of warcraft have been beaten! The wii have sucessed making one thing more nerdier that wow… Im surprised! Now you can you your exercise alone! in teh dark! infront of the tv! Ultimate social killer..

  11. Mr89Nef

    The wii fit is good, but this add isn’t :S it makes it seem so.. boring!

  12. sanz6106


  13. SuShIIsYuMmY

    ok all you guys just SHUT UP. we know 360 and ps3 are for “hardcore gamers” but the wii was made for KIDS,FAMILIES and PARTIES. stop shit talking and sell your wii already if you hate it so much. if not, stfu and go away.

  14. powerdesa

    so so sad

  15. xilykatex

    how chheeeesyy is thattt

  16. slipperywhenwet5

    no, it doesnt even come close. The wii may have motion sensitive controls, but big whoop, there were games in the 80′s. just face it, the wii is only for casual gamers. there is nothing hardcore about it.

  17. slipperywhenwet5

    the wii is the most god awful piece of shit i have ever played. and it doesnt help that i am part of the 6% faliure rate. Then again, i bet the failure rat is higher the 6, people just don ask for repairs cuz its so bad.

  18. zomgrawr010

    the wii has almost no entertaining non family oreinted games. ps3 and 360 are the good games. wii is the lean side to side game and step up on the board then get off the board game! wtf.

  19. HLGamp3d

    wii shit is fucking boring i hate the wii so much i broke my schools and said get a fucking xbox 360

  20. volleyballgirl5997

    the parody of this video made wii fit look bad lol. but seriously, the first part, it looks like all she’s doing is leaning side to side

  21. msheale0

    Same hear .I hear you can get a bundle package for $244 at sams club

  22. mohitdesh94

    the only reason PS3 sales exceed that of Wii is because PS3 is the cheapest blu-ray player in the market.. other wise ders nothing new in gaming to it. the Wii easily overpowers PS3 in gaming.

  23. marhani66

    iii wwaannttt wwiiii….. ;D

  24. mford1996

    I like the trailer except for what the kid does at 1:26

  25. shion366

    Really why do you think like 70% of gamers choose the PlayStaion and Xbox over the Wii.

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