Wii Accident

Unfortunate Wii Accident

25 Responses to Wii Accident

  1. AngleOfDarkness1231

    lol maybe ill show this to my kidz and they will never play without those strap things again cuz they once were playing and then my son let go of the remote and it flew at the window and BROKE it because he didnt have the strap thing on.

  2. cryseee123


  3. saurom6x3

    geeks motherfuckers

  4. zoomvraz


  5. TheHannahbannana

    what the fuck?

  6. skracha2

    jajaja, cool xDD

  7. paulibonjovi

    you guys must have been bored!

  8. angellusdark

    wow bapt42320 really? we all thought that it was real , u are really genious <_< (sucker , gay -_-)

  9. shadowthehedgehog181

    Wii Ps3
    =O <==8

  10. cooldude10ish

    lol but the most stupid thing i have ever saw – -

  11. Ronorve

    thank you captain obvious…. -.-

  12. VariantTypeX


  13. XxXiBaGxXx

    lol typical gys gotta finish the game (and yes i no its fake) :) loved it

  14. princesaextrema25

    bored ¬¬

  15. styles7887


  16. callumstaines25

    all the retards that say its fake of course it is retards thats the joke

  17. bdoglive34


  18. zeldaboy4


  19. bapt42320


  20. williemonje02

    fucking idiot wastes of air

  21. whoyoudonotknow

    Hahhahah thats great. Nice work mate

  22. WhiskersMctabby


  23. Charmybee123

    LOL that was retarded

  24. taggermen


  25. itsouryear2ntense

    LMAO that was too funny

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