Unboxing the Nintendo Wii

TechnoBuffalo: technobuffalo.com Follow me on twitter: cuthut.com The Wii had been left out of our console war series, so the little white box will be getting some love in the coming days.

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25 Responses to Unboxing the Nintendo Wii

  1. thelifeofsimon

    PS3> 360> Wii

  2. Flash1006

    (xbox live)
    *replace 111 with net

  3. Poppcorn2468

    Wiii is awesome i got wii sport resort and i got wii sport to with the compluter :D

  4. technoman232

    nice unboxing video

  5. Heezy2090

    @cHAVDicK better games on xbox 360, better online experience versus ps3′s blue ray player. If you want gameplay choose a xbox

  6. samsonite8881

    I got my wii in August 2008.

  7. apzcute1


  8. akm169mm

    @509GAMER ,dude,lol…..If u already have an xbox 360 or ps3…….just plain stay away from the wii lol….but if u dont own a game systemyet,yea the wii is great for u.

  9. slicer85

    does ur new console come scratch free? I just got the new wii and was disappointed the surface of the console is not really that shiny but covered with microscratches as if somebody took a fine sandpaper and sanded it

  10. cHAVDicK


  11. bdawk20524

    how do u afford all of this shit

  12. 509GAMER

    should i get a wii or should i buy battlefield bad company 2 and with mass effect 2 for my xbox 360?

  13. methos319

    This is posted on my birthday!!!!!
    Merry Christmas or happy Hanukkah or whatever you do!

  14. methos319

    oh ya the reason the guide is so thick is because they dont want you to call you at all!

  15. methos319

    Wii is for me!

  16. RagnarokPlayer13

    Can’t wait to have a Wii this may! =)

  17. xXSuperToasterXx

    @jamee1989 I think if your a hardcore gamer get ps3 or xbox but if you like video games and play in spare time get a wii also check out this game that just came out for the wii it’s called monster hunter tri

  18. III360IIIModderIII

    @602leonardo yes

  19. 602leonardo

    @III360IIIModderIII yeah 360 is badass!

  20. III360IIIModderIII

    @jameel989 wii is good but get a 360

  21. BigMacEater343

    i had 2 ways, traded them away with like the best games for the console. Now i just ordered a new one lol

  22. jameel989

    @Lousia8 is super mario nice cuz i duno which console 2 pick either wii,ps3 or xbox plz reply

  23. SilentPhenomed

    @SwonzX Fair enough I guess. Oh and btw, quick fix. I prefer a Piss Station Portable over a Nintendo DickS.

    The Wii has only TWO THINGS I like about it: 1:) Metroid: Other M and 2:) New Zelda

    That’s all. Maybe 3 with that new Super Mario Galaxy game.

  24. SwonzX

    @SilentPhenomed Dude I agree with you but I like the PS3 then PSP then the 360 and Iphone but the Wii is a no

  25. SilentPhenomed

    @SwonzX and better games. I prefer PC over consoles, but for consoles, my favorite is Piss Station 3, then gaybox shit60, then the Nintendo dickS, then Piss Station Portable, then the iPhone, and finally the Wiitard.

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