Super Mario Galaxy 2 E3 2009 Trailer [HQ] (Rate This Game)

Developer: Nintendo Release: TBA Genre: Adventure Platform: Wii Publisher: Nintendo FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO:

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25 Responses to Super Mario Galaxy 2 E3 2009 Trailer [HQ] (Rate This Game)

  1. ragekage209

    @Tidieokia most of this is beta footage. just ideas they were playing around with. a bunch of it got scrapped and replaced though.

  2. Tidieokia

    What happened to the boss at 1:40 ?

  3. mattys48

    Just some advice but i think that there should be like a bullet mario that is wicked fast and can explode stuff in collision!!! That would be really cool!!!

  4. RFToxicTofu

    How do you get to another planet? ._. I mean there’s like so many small planets that look pointless.

  5. Hermengamer

    I wish i can play some of the beta level

  6. mitiadim

    Holy farting chipmunk!

  7. umi01190618


  8. klippie27

    @StaraziaSelin66 I know, but there are still galaxies in this trailer I haven;t found. Some just arent in the game. Super mario galaxy is still the most awsome game that does excist at the moment, but still, the trailer is kinda weird.

  9. narutoandres12

    yo ya compre el juego y pues es muy bueno, pero comparandolo con este video hay varios cosas que no aparecieron o que le cambiaron, entonces van a hacer las cosas bien o no?

  10. TheHornet79

    Is Nintendo done raping my brains yet.

  11. MultiHurricane1231

    i need this game it looks awsome

  12. StaraziaSelin66

    @klippie27 there were some galaxies that were changed and/or replaced before the release. for example, the mario ship looks a bit different than the final version.

  13. crazygregtuber16

    Get all the (cheats) and watch tutorials for [Mario] at beatbowser(dot)tk

  14. hermit527

    Damn it NTSC, you just have to remove mostly everything.

  15. assface561

    no shit man its epic

  16. KingzEric

    Half of the galaxies in this trailer weren’t in the game! =(

  17. RDX12606

    lol at Starship Mario being far more detailed than it is in the game.

    Why would you make something look worse for the final product? I dunno.

  18. 2001k

    i cant believe u get 2 ride on yoshi

  19. zigaton40

    @MrChadWarden Sonic Colors didn’t even come out.70% chance Sonic Colors is going to suck,anyway.This game was many times said to be flawless.

  20. trooperkid666

    that looks sooo fun! not!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. alexandergaye

    lockerz has this if you want it email me at for invite

  22. Rubiksguy97

    they should of added the power ups from new super mario bros. wii. imagine shaking that propeller hat, and being a penguin! that would be awesome! nintendo should add those if they ever make a super mario galaxy 3. :)

  23. BigHead5853

    notice how much things have changed with this trailer and the game. not alot of places in this were actually put in.

  24. SapphireGurl93

    Bought this game a couple days ago. Me and my brother absaloutely love playing this! Level designs and variety are just a few of the aspects that make this game amazing. We have a new addition; the Yoshi’s (how long has it been since a playable Yoshi has been in a Mario game?!) Tons of cleverly set up levels, missions, and suprises. Overall this game is amazing. IGN gave this a 10 rating to no suprise. Seriously if you’re a Mario fan you MUST get this game. Good amount of replay value also!

  25. manuelcas22

    Mario galaxy 2 is just like super mario bros. Wii BUT IN SPACE
    p.s. i have both games =-)

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