New Super Mario Bros.Nintendo Wii E3 2009

New Super Mario Bros.Nintendo Wii E3 2009

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25 Responses to New Super Mario Bros.Nintendo Wii E3 2009

  1. piwister

    i got the game :)

  2. ginagamegirl

    I Just Downloaded This Full Working Game

  3. Zeroploxx

    i got this game

  4. sephiroth34341

    i kno what i’m getting for x-mas

  5. villewii

    i want the game

  6. itchybruno

    Is there any way of playing this game without motion interaction?, like can u just play it with a controller with buttons that make u jump and stuff?, or do u have to shake the control and twist it to play?

  7. florabellaa

    i wish i would get presents for christmas too .. but i live in holland and we don’t give presents with christmas .. otherwise i would have asked this game, it looks really cool!

  8. delitha1

    Really fun game with 4 players. Not too bad to play by yourself, but it gets really fun with a bunch of friends.

  9. THEhibbitybibbity

    Awe-inspiring video! A friend of mine said you can obtain this for free at

  10. PablinskyCorporation


  11. dloadtube

    Download This Full Game At DLOADTUBE . COM

  12. cogumelognomo


  13. aradixo

    i have this game, its cool

  14. ticntacn

    lol thats the third game i most want for christmas the fuirst is Pokemon Platinum(ill pick this one) and second is The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

  15. germanproductions101

    Yeah I get it for christmas! MustHave for Wii :D

  16. thecomfortisnow

    this game rocks i just bought it….at wal mart with a gifrt of 50….so therefore i own!!!!!!!!!

    the levels r fun.havnt played with two players yet…

  17. derianismybro

    im waiting for christmas for it

  18. 99punkrocker

    every store i go to and check there sold out i get so annoyed

  19. NaturalEstylo

    what up man

  20. 1234wwetna

    i got the game yesterday and its class

  21. trinix777

    do want do want do want

  22. wottertje

    shit game

  23. DjFeebz

    1:19 is wery FUNNY!

  24. comicshaun07

    Oh thank god. I thought it had a bit of lag. but now I know it doesn’t. :D

  25. TheXkilr

    There isnt its just the dazzle lagging out

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