New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Ten FTW (Top 10 Levels) S02E14 Click this to watch New Super Mario Bros Wii: Unlimited 1Up's Trick! New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Ten FTW (Top 10 Levels) S02E14 Director DuVaL AK47 presents his top ten favorite New Super Mario Bros Wii levels in this installment of Ten FTW. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high new "super mario" bros wii brothers UPC 45496901738 nintendo wario mario luigi princess New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Ten FTW (Top 10 Levels) DuVaL AK47 DuVaLAK47 AK 47

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25 Responses to New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Ten FTW (Top 10 Levels) S02E14

  1. TheMushyb

    great backround music

  2. podmokly

    @lazyluigi101 dont forget PS3 =D

  3. symbiote102

    Ok, first if all, im not sure this song has a name, i DO know that its a sample piece on a Mac program called, “Soundtrack Pro”. I use it all the time. 2: There’s actually a 7 or 8 part Brawl Machinima series called, “Brawlgasm” . If you bothered to search in “Nintendo Machinima” or something like that, you’d find it.

  4. pwnageownage100

    goomba has more balls than mario

  5. Antikukafe

    this game is the best. seriously. it has everything for hardcore and for friends also.and if you havent played 4 player co op you really missing out. its so fun. and the best map ibs the first one though. cuz it feels so natural going through it.

  6. Lildawg1032

    @lazyluigi101 yea

  7. colafass

    Wow the music freaking awsome whats the name?

  8. CronoX3


  9. ThunderLeemer

    Wow, This guy is terrible at this game

  10. gamerman206

    the last one is actuality 8-7
    not 8-6

  11. 1023greenking

    WTF machinima is posting Nintendo?!! Apocalypse is nearing!!!

  12. chicopapass

    @alexisnikitin i’ve died 10 times in 8-1-4 im not used to that kinda platforming hell

  13. chicopapass

    i dont remember 7-6… or atleast the buzzy beatle part

  14. starfalco13

    what’s the song, I love jazz

  15. PiCPlUCK

    Mario was a penguin!?

  16. FTRmuzikTV

    @ 4:22 lucky mother fucker

  17. sikyrace

    whats the songs name?



  19. anglim45

    @gaspiden It’s Mario Party 8.

  20. alexisnikitin

    Who the hell uses the super guide? You must really suck hard at the game if die 10+ times on a level and use the super guide each time. Lol it’s meant for the kids who are still starting off with mario.

    …unless you’re 10, which I apologize.

  21. cr4zyp4nd4m4n

    nice Photoshop 99 lifes

  22. omgguy1234567891

    #10, 6, 1 look fun

  23. ksone714

    i just new the rollercoaster one was first

  24. bowserfan100

    @lazyluigi101 or ps3

  25. SD91


    Ok, well, here is a thought, how about you DONT be a N00B and beat the game without using the super guide, which is really only meant for those who arent good at the game…like small children…and N00Bz

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