New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Gameplay Video of First 3 Levels) Click the above link to watch Super Mario News: Assassin's Creed 2 (Live Action News). New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Gameplay Video of First 3 Levels) Relive the '80s with this gameplay of the first 3 levels in the New Super Mario Bros Wii game. Go Nintendo! FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: TAGS: New Super Mario Bros Brothers Wii UPC 045496901738 Game play Gameplay Luigi Yoshi Toad Princess Bowser Baby video machinima DuvalAK47 Duval AK47 Nintendo yt:quality=high

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25 Responses to New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Gameplay Video of First 3 Levels)

  1. Mrwwemaster1

    how did you start with the propeller hat

  2. YourFriendlySimmer

    Does Mario say, Letsa Go ! or does he say Mexico whenever he enters a world on this video XD

  3. Deathstar1027

    @IkanaLink98 ha ha ha ha

  4. Deathstar1027

    those bastards!!! stealing peach!!!

  5. chahal0001

    My favorite Mario game of all time is Super Mario World for the SNES

  6. IkanaLink98

    hahaha listen from 3:47 to 3:50 . The singers say “Fuck!”

  7. Rilyn666

    see now..this is why the games works…its a fucking sidescroller. jus the way it was meant to be :)

  8. AllHailKingKurt

    @conaneve1 Then stop buying them!!!

  9. conaneve1

    … I have like every GC, Wii, and N64 game ever made… AND IM BORED OF IT ALL!!!!! DX!

  10. Risingdead52

    this games fucking amazing x.x i beat it.. almost beat world 9 :P 99 lives (mario has not hat if you get 99 lives) aha anyway fucking amazing game


    i wasn’t mad or anything i just said that i didn’t play mario in how many months and i didn’t know he said letsa go

  12. Vamwolfang

    oh yeah and the guy playing right now sucks humo horse balls he sucks so bad

  13. Vamwolfang

    just a tip: if you get on the flagpole at teh time of 99,88,11,22,44,55,33,66,77 you get a house (mushroom 1 up or star)

  14. Vamwolfang

    i beat the whole game except for world 9. heh. i bet no one cares

  15. TECpeds94

    @TheXANGELOFDEATHX k calm down i specificaly put lol so that u dont think im bitching at u seems like u didnt understand i was just correcting u

  16. N00bGaMeR123

    gotta buy a Wii to play this :) and Super Smash Bro. Brawl

  17. verito1822

    jaja yo ya pase todo mario bros new wii es todo dificil pero lo pase en 2 semanas dema bueno ese juego!! jeje

  18. loudawg219

    hey bro thanks for this vid this is exactly what i wanted to see actual game play not the other crap the others posted thanks. I want this game now.

  19. ToadEpicness

    WO This Is Cool!!!


    haven’t played a mario game in a long time, give me a break

  21. HowlingWolfSoulVids

    @TheXANGELOFDEATHX lol probly ^ ^

  22. TECpeds94

    @TheXANGELOFDEATHX what are u saying he obviously said letsa go (lets go) he always says that when entering a level lol its his Italian accent its hard to understand but u should no that right??


    WTF at 1:25 did MaRio say MEXICO LOL thats the only thing that comes to mind


    because Bowser has nothing else to do

  25. HowlingWolfSoulVids

    Why does Princess Peach ALWAYS get kidnapped lol

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