GAME Gears Up With Virtua Tennis in Run Up to Wimbledon 2009


GAME Gears Up With Virtua Tennis in Run Up to Wimbledon 2009

Basingstoke, UK (PRWEB) June 25, 2009

GAME is gearing up for Wimbledon fever , as Andy Murray sparks nationwide Wimbledon fever following his cruise to victory over James Blake in the final of the Aegon Championships at Queen's, with the launch of Sega's highly anticipated Virtua Tennis 2009 for the Wii console.

For the first time ever, Wii owners will be able to take on the likes of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer or play as Maria Sharapova against Venus Williams to recreate some classic court battles in this critically acclaimed tennis series.

What's more, the new Wii version of Virtua Tennis 2009 ( ) has been made fully compatible with Wii Motion Plus ( ) - a precision device that attaches to the bottom of the Wii Remote putting the user much more in control of the game.

Virtua Tennis 2009 producer, Toby Allen told "With the MotionPlus you can feel the difference - you're a bit more free to place the ball exactly where you want it to go … It's a more complete tennis gaming experience."

The game's developers at Sumo Digital also stress they worked hard to keep the Wii version of Virtua Tennis 2009 as close to the other platforms as possible.

Game designer Kenton Fletcher, said: "It had to have all the features the other versions did; the same online; the same in-game features. We didn't want Wii owners to buy Virtua Tennis 2009 and say why have I only got half the game that the PS3 version has?"

And for those who think arcade style tennis games like Virtua Tennis ( ) could never satisfy the more competitive streak in them, the all new Online Ranking System (which sees players rising through the ranks and competing for the ultimate title on worldwide leader boards) is sure to make them think again.

About GAME:

GAME is a specialist European retailer of PC and video games, video consoles and related accessories. GAME caters for all formats, including Xbox , Wii, PS3 and all the relevant accessories such as the wii nunchuk ( ). GAME operates from over 1,300 stores, concessions and franchises in the UK, Eire, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France and Australia. Together with online shopping services, the company's aim is to be the destination of choice for every consumer.

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