E3 09: New Super Mario Wii

If you thought the New Super Mario Bros. for the DS was awesome, you're not going to believe the multiplayer New Super Mario Bros. Wii that Nintendo unveiled at their E3 press conference.
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9 Responses to E3 09: New Super Mario Wii

  1. MrHateMeAllYouLike

    yo sure they women and not men dressed up like girls, lol you got gay friends right? sounds “fishy” might wanna watch this guy… wii huh…? hmmm you play with ur wii-wii a lot or maybe ur friends hmmmm… I don’t know youtube we might have a gay-fish here… LOL

  2. MrHateMeAllYouLike


  3. Beuli2

    Because the Princess must be captured by Bowser of course!And? Yoshi is the ride.

  4. GizpoProduction

    hahaha? buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurn :D

  5. redflicky

    Hmm….I’m wondering if there will be? like a real box art for this. Maybe check on Walmart if it has that.

  6. redflicky

    maybe but then again you just said mate so I guess? ur from Australia which might explain ur problem mate and or the fact that kids know which is better (360 other than wii), cuz I usually get range from 16 to bout 32 – sometime 40

  7. MrHateMeAllYouLike

    Have a look at the update on gamespot if any of you haven’t seen it yet. Named “Full 2009, Q1 2010 and DS? slates revealed”.Last posted: September 16, 2009 10:40 pm GMT.

  8. redflicky

    Um, what are you saying? “all nintendo has is 1st party” no, research things before you speak. But of course; you’re a trolling fanboy, so you’ll never research? anything and only bring things out of your ass.

  9. SoaringDive

    no? i said “all nintendo basically have are 1st party games” basically is not saying that’s all they have ass wipe lol they do have 3rd party games i’m not saying they don’t! but what’s getting the system it’s true sales are the 1st partys games, cuz the 3rd party are a flop due to controller issues, (i.e) non-responsive wii-mote, which is why they have that wii + ‘thingy’ you’re real smart… but i refuse to pay 250.00 for a GAMECUBE 2.5 with motion… no wait… half ass motion sensor…

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